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Winter Dental Wellness Plan

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Winter Dental Wellness Plan

Winter Dental is pleased to offer a Dental Wellness Program to patients not currently covered by dental insurance or do not utilize their dental insurance offered. We want to help you prioritize your oral health, and this program allows for a complete continuation of preventative care.
There are no pre-existing conditions or limitations to worry about with this dental plan, and no deductibles, copays, or other hoops to jump through

Enrollment Fee & Coverage

Individual Adult
Child <18 years
Adult Couple
Periodontal Plan
Additional Family Member Adult
Additional Family Member Child

What is included in the enrollment fee:

Clients initial comprehensive exam, set of x-rays & routine cleaning*
Clients periodic exam & routine cleaning at your next 6-month appointment
Fluoride at every cleaning
One emergency visit and diagnostic x-rays
Enrollment into the Winter Dental Wellness Program the clients will receive 10% discount for ALL dental treatment including implants, veneers, whitening, occlusal guards/splints, cosmetic bonding and clear aligner orthodontics.
Happy visits for children under 3 at no charge
No annual limits
It cannot be combined with any other dental benefit coverage
*If you require a deep cleaning (Scaling & Root Planning or nonsurgical periodontal therapy) for gum disease, then note that procedure is not included in the enrollment fee. However, you will be able to be enrolled in our periodontal plan and after your intial Scaling and Root Planning will have your four periodontal cleaning visits covered along with all the benefits above
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