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Root Canal Therapy

Do you have a decayed tooth? Our firm offers excellent root canal therapy in Arvada, CO. A root canal is a treatment that saves and repairs an infected or a severely decayed tooth. The term refers to the natural cavity in the middle of a tooth.

How Are Teeth Structured?

A tooth’s root canal has a pulp chamber, which is the soft part inside the tooth. The tooth’s nerves are inside its root canal. However, they aren’t essential once a tooth emerges above the gums. The nerves are sensitive to cold or hot sensations. A nerve’s absence doesn’t alter a tooth’s daily functions.

Why Should Tooth Pulp Be Removed?

Once a tooth’s nerve or pulp gets damaged, it disintegrates. Bacteria start multiplying in the pulp chamber. It could cause an abscessed tooth or an infection. An abscess is a pocket that forms at the tips of the tooth’s roots. It occurs after an infection spreads beyond a tooth’s roots. Moreover, a root canal infection could cause;

  • Bone loss near the root’s tip.
  • A drainage complication that spreads to the gums. A hole could appear at the tooth’s side draining waste into an individual’s gums or skin.
  • An intense swelling of the face, head, and neck.

What Causes Tooth Nerve Damage?

A tooth’s nerves tissue could be infected, inflamed and irritated due to a crack in the tooth, large fillings, severe decay or facial trauma.

How Do We Perform a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment requires several visits to a dental facility. Dentists or endodontists can perform it. An endodontist specializes in the causes, diagnosis, mitigation, and treatment of nerve or pulp infections and injuries. A patient’s choice of the preferred dentist depends on the complexity of the required root canal therapy.

Once a patient visits us, we first take their X-ray. It enables us to have a clear view of their root canals and analyzing any visible signs of infection in adjacent bones. We then numb the tooth area with anesthesia to relax the patient.

To get rid of saliva throughout the therapy, we insulate the affected tooth with a rubber dam. A dentist then drills a hole in the tooth. We then remove decayed nerves, debris and the pulp from the tooth. We use root canal files to clean the infected tooth. To scrub a root canal’s sides, a dentist places several files inside the access hole up to the roots. They later flush debris with a sodium hypochlorite solution.

Once the dentist cleans the tooth, he or she seals it. It could be done immediately or after a week. For instance, if a severe infection occurs, a dentist could clean the tooth with oral medication. In case the root canal treatment doesn’t end in a day, they place a removable filling in the access hole to block contaminants such as food.

During the following appointment, an endodontist fills the tooth’s cavity with gutta percha or a sealer paste. They place a filling to seal the access hole. The final procedure comprises of restoring a tooth. A tooth requiring a root canal often has an extensive filling or a crown. It should be protected from breaking for it to function correctly.

Tooth loss is a serious health concern to most people. Contact us and book an appointment at our Arvada, CO office. Our root canal therapy offers a long-term solution to tooth decay challenges.

How Does A Partial Denture Work?

A removable partial denture has replacement teeth. They are attached to an acrylic base which matches your gum’s color. The support may protect a metallic framework. It often has clasps that cling to your teeth. It maintains the denture’s position.

A dentist may advise you to add crowns to your remaining natural teeth. They enhance the way a partial denture fits in your mouth. We can inform you on fitting the partial denture that you procure.

Inserting and removing a partial denture requires constant practice. In the start, you might feel a bit odd before getting accustomed to it. Avoid forcing the partial denture into its rightful position by shutting your mouth. It could bend the clasps and destroy your teeth. It’s recommended for one to visit a dentist if their new denture is causing some discomfort.

A patient shouldn’t wear a partial denture throughout the day. They should be removed before taking a nap and replaced upon waking up. A reliable dentist will typically follow up on your condition to check sore spots and pressure points. They adjust the denture so that it fits properly.

How Should Partial Dentures Be Maintained?

It’s essential for one to take care of their dentures. Use these tips;

  • Clean the partial denture: A patient should take out the denture and brush off food particles. They should wet their brush and apply a denture cleaner. Alternatively, they can use a small amount of liquid detergent.
  • Gently brush the denture’s surface: It is recommended for one to use a unique brush specially designed for partial dentures. However, you can use an ordinary toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Avoid using toothpaste: You shouldn’t clean the denture with toothpaste. Some brands have abrasive elements which destroy the denture’s base.
  • Hold the dentures over a sink: When brushing your dental device, you can hold it over a wet towel. You can also use a pan with cold water. Partial dentures are delicate. They can easily break.
  • Soak your partial denture: When you aren’t wearing it, you should soak it in a denture solution. Allow it to dry as it could get distorted.
  • Procure a certified denture cleanser: Most dentists recommend patients to purchase a detergent with an American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. It assures users of the product’s effectiveness and safety.
  • Rinse your denture: After using a denture cleanser, one should rinse it for a while. It could contain toxic elements that could harm injure your mouth.
  • Brush your teeth: You should do it twice a day using conventional fluoride toothpaste. However, you should be extra careful when cleaning teeth beneath your denture’s clasps.

Your partial denture needs constant adjustment as you age. Contact us whenever you have a dental concern. We create an efficient denture as soon as you visit our Arvada, CO office.

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