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Dental Restoration

Dental restoration is a term used to refer to the addressing of oral health problems and procedures carried out on the mouth to repair it to a functional or aesthetic state. Some of the procedures that are carried out for dental restoration include; partial and full denture implantation, crowns, veneers, fillings, crowns, and bridges.

Why you may need dental restoration

There are many factors that determine whether one may need dental restoration some of which include; teeth and gum health, oral functioning as well as self-confidence. Teeth issues such as bruxism (chronic teeth grinding), tooth trauma, and decay require dental restoration. Bruxism can be caused by missing or crooked teeth, sleep disorders, abnormal bites, stress or even anxiety. Trauma is anything that put the teeth under a lot of pressure leading to their breaking or falling out. Being involved in a car accident or a sports injury to the mouth can cause teeth trauma. Consumption of high sugar diets leads to acid forming on the teeth, which then leads to tooth decay.  

Dental restoration types in Arvada, CO

Technological dental advancements, not only in Arvada, CO but the world over, has led to the invention of multiple types of dental restorations, but the main are direct and indirect, depending on the nature and extent of the problem.

Direct dental restoration

Direct restoration refers to curative oral procedures that are basic and simple and begin treating the dental problem instantly. Bonding and filling of a tooth cavity are examples of direct dental restoration. It can be done in a single procedure when you visit your dentist. The filling option depends on the location of the damaged tooth or the patient’s preference. For instance, a tooth that does not experience much pressure from chewing can be filled with resin ionomers or glass.

Indirect restoration

This type of dental restorative measures involves multiple and more complicated procedures to deal with a dental problem. This type involves procedures such as bridges, veneers, dentures, crowns, inlays as well as on-lays. This requires multiple visits to the dentist as some parts are fabricated in the lab, to customize them to meet the patient’s needs. In most cases, the dentist offers temporary restorative measures to avert additional dental damage before the parts are fabricated.

Which dental restoration type do you need?

Both of these dental restoration types address the dental problems at hand, but the type of procedure depends on the extent of the damage. Direct restoration is usually carried out on patients whose teeth are still healthy and intact. The only part of the tooth may require scraping off for the bonding to be done or to create room for the filling. On the other hand, indirect restoration is necessary on patients with extensive tooth damage that may result to lost teeth is not dealt with immediately. In some cases, dentists deem it necessary to perform both types of dental restorations. It is important to note that personal hygiene and dental cleaning bi-annually lessens the need to have dental restorations.

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