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Dental Exams & Cleanings

Are you ready to have a comprehensive dental exam? In Arvada, CO, comprehensive dental exams offer you a way to take the best care of your teeth. When you do have a comprehensive dental exam, the foundation is laid for your overall good health. The teeth and gums provide many insights for you and your dentist to gauge your overall health. Not only that but having a comprehensive dental exam on a routine basis can help to prevent certain health issues from taking hold. Often, problems in the body show up in the teeth and gums first. For that reason, comprehensive dental exams in Arvada, CO are recommended for patients of all ages.

What’s Included in Comprehensive Dental Exams?

When you book your appointment, you’ll discover that your exam may cover a great many things, including:

  • prescription medication if necessary
  • recording of your entire dental and medical history
  • a careful review of any symptoms or problems you’re currently having
  • a thorough review of any medications you’re currently on
  • taking of your blood pressure
  • comprehensive oral cancer screening
  • checking of the throat, jaw and neck lymph nodes
  • visual examination of the lips, palette and throat
  • comprehensive periodontal examination
  • bite screening
  • screening for TMJ
  • and more

Depending on the circumstances, your dentist in Arvada, CO may perform all or part of these screenings and treatments during your visit for a comprehensive dental exam.

Does a Comprehensive Dental Exam Take the Place of a Regular Dentist Visit?

The comprehensive dental exam in Arvada, CO is done to find and diagnose potential problems with your teeth and gums. The actual treatment and follow up care will be done with separate visits to your dentist. That is why it’s essential to attend your next scheduled appointment. That way, any issues that were discovered can be taken care of in an expedient manner. To make an appointment for your comprehensive dental exam, please contact us today.

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