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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are oral prosthetic devices designed to cover damaged teeth. Unlike dentures, crowns are fixed devices that are cemented directly onto tooth or implant surfaces, and they can only be removed by a qualified oral health care professional. Crowns are used as both cosmetic and protective measures — for instance, and they may be used to correct the appearance of discolored or chipped teeth as well as put in place to protect fractured or otherwise fragile teeth from further damage. Your dentist may also suggest a crown to replace a large filling when there isn’t enough existing natural tooth material and when it’s necessary to provide a cover for teeth after a root canal treatment.

Here’s what you need to know about dental crowns:

How They Work:

The first step in outfitting a patient with a crown involves reducing the suitable tooth size to wear a crown will fit over it easily and painlessly. After this procedure is performed, the dentist will then take an impression of the tooth to use to develop a customized crown by a qualified dental lab. The dentist will also determine right shade so that the crown will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. A temporary crown will probably be applied while waiting for the lab to create the permanent one. When properly cared for, a crown should last a lifetime.

Materials used to make crowns include porcelain, ceramic, various metal alloys, including gold, and acrylic. Porcelain crowns are generally preferred for visible teeth near or at the front of the mouth, while those constructed of metal alloys may be recommended for back teeth.

Caring for Your Crown:

After your permanent crown has been put into place, avoid chewing on hard foods or ice, and always practice good oral hygiene and schedule regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist.


When a tooth is damaged, has undergone a root canal, or is otherwise at risk of deterioration, a crown may be the most effective way to protect the tooth for the long term. At Winter Dental, we offer same-day crowns in Arvada, CO. You walk in with a problematic tooth and out with a brand-new smile.


Obtaining a dental crown typically involves a similar series of steps:

  1. Shaping the existing tooth to make room for the crown
  2. Taking an impression of the existing tooth
  3. Using that impression to make a crown
  4. Fitting that crown to the tooth and using a bonding cement to secure it

While traditional crowns involve sending out the impressions to a dental lab for crown creation, same-day crowns are made right in the office while you wait. Revolutionary technology involving computer-aided design allows our team to create a crown quickly. Best of all, that same-day crown has the potential to last for many years.


If you are looking to restore your smile or save an ailing tooth, our Arvada dentist can help. Reach out to us at Winter Dental to schedule an appointment.

For more information about crowns and other dental services in Arvada, CO, please feel free to contact our office at your earliest convenience.

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